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We, the National Facilities believe that the security is much more than deploying a guard at the entrance.

Vast experience, foresight,professional approach,reliability,dynamic field staff are the pillars on which National Facilities is founded.We provide a comprehensive range of services like security guards,Arm-guards,personal body-guards with Gun/Revolver,V.I.P. security and security of Banks,corporate houses,jewelers,Hospitals,Malls,Hotels and others as per requirements.

Security personnel deployed will be responsible for safety of Man and materials .We are equipped with strong infrastructure like Jeeps, motor cycles ,mobile phones etc and consists of a well-planned team of staffs responsible for administration, vigilance etc.Our greatest investment is in not in Land,Bldg & Machinery but in our men.

Security personnel deployed will be in neat and clean dresses on our cost and they will be briefed by our supervisors from time to time .They will not be member of any union and their payment will be given by us only. If any particular guard doesn't suit your expectations will be exchanged within 24 hours by another suitable guard.


  • From security point of view our event was organized successfully. If we have security needs in future we will definitely looking up to “National Facilities”

    National Facilities provide cost effective security solution in Mumbai.

    M/S India Bulls Pvt Ltd
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Work team

  • Sam Kromstain
    Sanwar Mohanlal Sharma

    Mobile: 9820014801
    Education: B.Com
    Experience: 10 years

  • Julia Berzkalna
    Gulab Chandra Pandey

    Mobile: 9892463490
    Education: B.A
    Experience: 10 years


  • At National Facilities, we cater to service a wide range of industry verticals through our unique business model and cutting-edge technologies.

    This multifarious exposure provides you with growth opportunities at every step of your career. National Facilities lets you draw upon its rich treasure of pioneering experience of over a decade in the field of Security. We believe in providing a multi-faceted exposure across domains and roles that allow you to discover and achieve your potential as a world-class security professional.